An Introduction

Campbelton looks like a city at peace.

And Haruna looks like a girl who has it all.


So put together. So legit.

But what she really has, is a certain thorn in her back…by the name of Ryu Debiru.


The most awkwards.

So Ryu and Haruna have known each other since the start of the 7th grade, and have hated each other pretty much just as long.

And their first meeting, let’s just say, was about as bad as every meeting since then.

Usually, it’s Haruna losing it over something rude Ryu says and Ryu groaning out of frustration or his classic death glare. The Sim versions of themselves like to mock each other also.


 Haruna: “Stop mimicking me!”  Ryu: *Haruna voice* “Stop mimicking me.”


Haruna: “Tracy! Back me up!”  Tracy: “Nah – I’m just here for the show.”


“It’s much quieter with Haruna out of the way, eh?”

Meanwhile… Gabrielle and Angelique enjoy the much needed breather. Some friends they are.


Stay tuned for the next post, where I introduce even more Campelton randoms. Also I’ll link videos here as well. :>

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