Some people draw inspiration from travelling. Some from their family or friends.
I play the Sims.

I was one of those people who played The Sims back in 2000 when the original game came out and was the hottest thing next to RollerCoaster Tycoon. Flash forward to 2015 and out of boredom I download Freeplay. I got tired of Freeplay and got The Sims 3.

At this time I was writing Judge by the Cover, and that’s when it hit me…

Why not recreate the entire city of Campbelton in the game?

Turns out the game brought these characters to life, and that was insanely addictive. Of course, the stuff that happens to them is pretty hilarious too. Hence this blog was born.

Oh and did I mention Mods? Mods are random items or codes that fans/players create to expand and customize the gameplay. Mods to me are more fun than playing the game. Making videos is even more fun than Mods.

So from time to time I hope to blog the misadventures of my Sims, but also, if you are reading the books, it might actually give you a cool new perspective on who these people are. Like some kind of added bonus feature or something. 🙂